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Evelyn commented on A Circular Economy Requires a Circular Language

I read the title of your post and I couldn't help but think of the movie Arrival. Hopefully you've seen it or that might be a spoiler. Whoops! Anyways, language influences culture so much and I'm glad you drew that connection here. In designing new systems and products to avoid plastic waste, the proper language to even explain the problem and its solution will be essential to it taking off.


Evelyn commented on Rollover Deposits

I really like this! Where I live there is a high bottle deposit, and yet sometimes people are still to lazy to return the bottle or find recycling for it. If they knew they could get the instant gratification for their good behavior, I wonder if that would help recycling rates even more.


Evelyn commented on What if the Small Sachets Can Dissolve into Water?

I love this innovative material that has already shown its usefulness elsewhere! A few thoughts:

How would people know what to do with it? What about the design would make it clear? If it is actually edible, I could imagine for the example of the instant ramen, having some of the flavor powder in the material to get people to understand that it dissolves in the soup.

Also, it would be very important to consider that there are no additives or residual chemicals that could be potentially harmful to humans or the environment. You would probably want to get a full material disclosure and consider it against a chemical rating system like Greenscreen to make sure that everything in the material was safe.