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om commented on Nike Tailored Program

Hey Marleen, it is flattering and encouraging that you referenced my idea. I love how it dovetails with yours and would be really happy to continue dialog on how these ideas can work together.


Thank you so much for your comment. I’m very glad to know that you would enjoy the experience of reviewing the life your shoe had, and linking it to the chain of other owners is brilliant..

I have expanded this proposal to include a community strategy thanks to your question/suggestion. I’m always happy for collaborators as I’m just myself at the moment.

Keeping granular track of the life of shoe materials is facilitated by a kiosk as a known receiving point, and linking your story to the shoe-life of others would only require permission. Is it interesting to you to know who gets your shoes next, and who had them before?

Certainly among the whole bunch, there are bound to be some interesting moments. Interacting with those people could be problematic, but more likely to happen and likely safer to offer are random snapshots from the pool of people that had some of your materials previously. We can imprint a QR code (or a more elegant Nike equivalent) into the shoe design that owners scan with their phone to see shoe-life memories. In the interest of allowing interaction I’d feel safer with an opt-in style of posting my code to the community, and others with the same code get linked together.

The person I think I’d like most to collaborate with as a shoe owner, is the next one. I would want to know what they prefer in a shoe and to give them the opportunity to provide style input, even if that only means selecting/blending from among a few options.

Keeping it extremely local, 3d printing on the spot with the recycled raw materials changes the game in terms of tracking. We then have enough information to connect people with similar activity patterns and style taste. Exercise leads to confidence and relationship matching is not a perfect science, but the shoes can’t lie. "Nike Love” represents a huge service that cements the connection of lifestyle product to wellness.

It makes me think of a tribalism available on the producer side (person recycling their shoe) as they can view the percentage of local peers using sustainable/recycled-only product, creating a community-sense that your neighbors are involved with your values, which provides an intrinsic social lightening of one’s heart through the day to day. It can also spark inter-city motivational rivalries, further acting as a pool for innovation and authentic communication moments.

I like how it allows Nike to directly show the impact of their investment in this technology. I specifically bought some of their first pairs of regrind because of the ecological impact. I ‘wouldn’t’ buy Nike before that, and it’s been hard to show just how much has been done without acknowledging how much more can be done.

The Kiosk sort of lets Nike off the hook in that they are free to innovate and specialize, while the customer who wants to vote with their dollar can watch the entire process happen and feel like they actually had a direct impact - while being connected to others with similar values.


om commented on ShareCare Application: Updated Dec 26th

Also consider incentives paid for by the agencies whose load you are relieving. Through them, you might get a boost. Most are state/federal funded, so that could come in the form of local discount as done by many local communities. Maybe Chamber of Commerce?
Also many Alzheimer’s/Health Care Providers have a budget for community education and might by interested to participate or contribute to the knowledge base.