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Having such a unique ideas will be great for Somali children to access for better health, remove misperceptions, and survive from the death.
one of the key challenges that we as caregivers face is lack of awareness and misconception of vaccination.
when you talk and discuss Somali women and men regarding vaccination they told you a lot of wrong believes.
This idea will be beneficial and increase the demand of health service in general and vaccination in particular.

Thanks guys for you hard work, you always try to tackle most present issue in the Somali community which Somali people will thanking you (saving one child from the death is means saving whole nation).
#there will be no child whom die for vaccine preventable disease.


Zaytun commented on Engaging Men as Family Planning Health Promoters

Women are among most vulnerable groups in our society and Somali accounted worst place to be mother reasoned by one of every 18 pregnant women dies.
this contributed by lack of decision for women, long list activities in the home, lack of male involvement in the on going health program .  
getting this ideas will have a great impact on women's wellbeing, I do believe that there will be certain challenges you need to overcome to realize your ideas implemented as it is first time to carry like this ideas.
thanks you so much for taking up this and good luck with your valuable ideas.