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Hi Angel,
I love your idea to help eliminate food waste as people tend to buy their food based on aesthetic, assuming what looks better, tastes better. Pricing fresh produce differently based on appearance is a great idea, especially in a culture that highly values money and conserving money in any way possible. So much food is wasted, food that could feed the entire world, just by appearance. Changing perception on ugly foods will be difficult, but a trial run in a grocery store may help change the idea that ugly food tastes bad in many grocery shoppers’ minds. You mentioned that people may abuse the food discounts by placing premium produce with the discounted items. A possible way to fix this is by dividing the types of produce into different locations within the store and having separate grocery checkouts for each type of produce only. The grocers will know what type of food they are checking out, and can spot a premium-like food in a discounted produce only checkout. I love your idea and I believe it could definitely make a positive impact in reducing food waste!