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Wow, this is ambitious! I love the vision. Openly available, user-friendly, scientifically accurate and interactive dashboards that assess climate-related risks to communities in developing countries could be very useful for a number of reasons, including lack of local capacity to develop, interpret, and apply such information to increase resilience. Who ensures the accuracy of the data? Can it be linked to open source, freely available GIS?

Building relationships within the communities who would use the data in order to build trust with and develop capacity is going to be a key requirement, I think, especially as the PREP dashboard brand is becoming more widely known. Also, having the information is just the first necessary step. Developing community capacity to use the information for smart resilience planning is essential. The proposal has explicitly acknowledged this; it sounds like the Engagement Team is working directly with beneficiary communities.

This idea reminds me of the outstanding biodiversity and ecosystem data services and decision tools that the US-based nonprofit NatureServe provides to local, state, and federal conservation managers in the United States, but focused even more broadly on climate resilience and at a global scale. Other international development actors already provide climate data and climate risk forecasts to communities in developing countries and implementing partners. But how cool would it be if the PREP platform took off and became a forecasting and decision-support tool that was widely available, multi-lingual, easy to access and use, unrestricted by private ownership or license requirements, and networked across multiple climate-resilience-focused organizations!


Daniel commented on International Truths About Sustainability

Yes, a great idea to share personal stories and hopeful narratives that can inspire people around the world.


Daniel commented on Anthropocene Dialogues

I like it! I'm thinking TED Talks but with greater variety of art form. TED talks have pretty nerdy information content but have been remarkably successful largely because of outstanding, stylized communications. I think the Anthropocene Dialogues will also be successful at reaching people who are hungry to learn, be entertained, and discover hopeful solutions. As a pragmatic sustainability professional, I'd especially like to see the Anthropocene Dialogues emphasize next steps, action items, what-can-I-do.