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DANDAN commented on Plastic Zero - Using a Shape Memory Polymer (SMP)

Good idea to save the plastic waste. I am interested in the degree of high temperature. As I know, people prefer to buy hot coffee rather than cold. Will that temperature influence the shape of the coffee lid? You know is embarrassed to drop the coffee if the lid is not cover tightly. And I also worry about is it that safe to use this material in the food industry?


DANDAN commented on Biodegradable Cassava Packaging

Although more and more people care about the environment, they care about the profit too. I was interested in the price of this product. You can find the plastic cups and paper cups are cheap in the market. I want to know how this environmental friendly idea can motivate people to get rid of the plastic products.

Hope I am not too harsh as I have something want to concern.
First, as I known the producer offered the lowest price to their business partner (the retailers) because they can sell their product in a big amount.  If you offer the apps to provide the food ordering, I think the producer will set up the higher price than supermarket if the requirement of food from the apps is not bigger enough than their business partner. 
Second, I am not sure I am right. For my understanding, I think your company is the delivery. How can you guarantee the food will not be damaged when you delivery?
Third, I am living in the apartment and I have the whole day job from Monday to Friday. How can you deliver the fresh food for me as I am not at home at the day-time, Or if you will drop-off the food from the front deck, how can you guarantee the food will not rot before I pick the package. (PS: If i order the fresh fruit and meat.).
Plz correct if I am offence. 
Thank you!