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Mário commented on Making our Space a Thankful Place

"...provide a space where staff members feel appreciated and valued. When providing a space that employees look forward to returning to each day..."
I couldn't agree more! Our workplace is a second home, if not, for many, the first. To have a familiar and "homie" workplace helps us to bring out the best in us. Sometimes we don't even need a big investment. Involving the wole team in designing and participating in the rearrangements is enough to built a team spirit and create a space of our own team. According to the beneficiaries of your work you could even create thematic rooms.


Mário commented on Gratitude Kit & Ongoing Gratitude Practice

It's a excelente idea. Many companies have welcome kits for newcomers. Some also have some kind of welcome cerimonial. For those starting at a new job or position, there is always a somewhat of emotional sensetiveness. Felling a warmth welcome creates a positive "milestone". My experience tells me that this milestone should repeat whenever is possible, celebrating achievments, like a project completion or a company anniversary.