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Kathryn commented on Peak-A-Box: Unleash children's peak potential

Hi Liliya, I would love to chat with you about your work. We, at Team Up 2 Teach, are developing a similar application but based on our 50+ interviews and visits to over 30 camps schools on the Balkan Peninsula, we decided to co-create (across 5 countries, 40 organizations and 150 teachers) the ultimate teaching resource first as a hardcopy book (field-guide) with 50+ go-to lessons for any facilitator for ages 4+ (so primary, secondary and adults) and then this would transition into an online platform/app. We found that in order to have a platform/website/app you need to get the content right and we believe this needs first to be co-created in the field with those that will eventually use it. So, we are in the process of hosting co-creations now. I would love it if your team joined us at any of our co-creation sessions planned in September and we can see where we can overlap our projects and resources! I am based in Sofia and have focused only on the Balkan Peninsula at the moment. Please email me at or visit us at I support your project 100% - I've been volunteering at a center in Bulgaria for the last two years and it's a daily struggle to find the right support and resources to create the best learning environment for my students. This is why I started Team Up 2 Teach. I decided not to submit it to this challenge, but I've been following along to see who might be good partners going forward. I look forward to hearing from you. - Best, Katie Zaniboni

Hi Sarah, The power of football is strong. Do you work with Right to Play at all?

Hi Debbie, fantastic idea. I just love it. Tinkering and exploring with materials is not only helpful for skill building, but it has a therapeutic aspect to it as well. My experience is limited to the Balkan Peninsula. So, is a fablab/makerspace run and organized by refugees in Northern Greece. There is also a makers space in a community center in Athens called the Khora Center. You can reach out to both about how their spaces works within he refugee community. As for maker spaces in camps, I've only see community tool sheds where tools are checked in and out and residents of the camps are welcome to build, fix, and design what they want. Displaced designers was set up on Lesvos Island by a group of refugees that are designers by trade. They would be great to talk to about what they are seeing and learning. - again these are all located in Greece, but there could be some valuable lessons learned there. I've been to several camps where community centers have been completely designed and build by the residents - they were just given the materials. Good luck! I support your project 100%.