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Hi Ashley Tillman,
Thank you very much for your concern.
Please find one uploaded.


 Godfrey Obua.


Obua commented on Build a culture of team spirit.

Expression of gratitude in the work place:
Please find some additional:
1. One of the more generalized argument from some authorities is that they demonstrate a belief, or philosophy of ‘care and concern’ by the company for their employees. They are to be seen as part of the culture of the enterprise, that is, not one in which people are just staff members drawing wages for hours worked, but one in which they draw benefits, and their services and commitments are approved and expressed by thankfulness.
2. A more commonplace argument similar to the above is that such approval or thankfulness expressed openly, make provision for the needs that people have in employment. The need for ’security’ for example, was one that was early recognized by some employers and that the provision of medical and health services, financial assistance, free or subsidized accommodation, and others, become part of the package provided that are tangible, but the intangible, like the, ‘expression of thankfulness’ have to go hand in hand to build confidence and commitment of employees to the company.
3. A frequent argument put forward in favour of such expression and experience, is that, they act as attraction to prospective employees. They are seen, it is argued, as an important component of the total reward package besides the tangible, by those in the labour market. For some they may be more important than additional increments in the pay, besides, free or subsidized housing or a high quality car may be others forms of approval or thankfulness and valuable, than the differential in pay offered by competing employers with tasks centred culture. Further, it is argued, the availability of a range of attractive benefits and expression of thankfulness by the employers, clearly demonstrate the sort of employer that one is dealing with-its philosophy about the employer/employee relationship is made explicit. It gives the company competitive advantage in attracting good employees and this may be doubly true when Human Resource Managers have freedom to negotiate particular packages of benefits for those whose services they wish to attract.
4. A further argument in favour of thankfulness is that they increase attachment and commitment to the organization. An employee who experiences approval and thankfulness in the work place, besides other benefits, will, it is argued, experience greater satisfactions- he will feel secure- he may have extra or overtime commitment- he may have a number of years ‘invested’ in a pension scheme-he may have participated in a share purchase scheme. He is unlikely to abandon all that for employment with another company unless similar provisions are made there. This argument may be more true where the benefits are related to length of service- the longer one serves the greater would be the loss if one moves to another employer. In addition, it is also argued by some that,’expression of thankfulness and approval of employees by their bosses,’ act as a motivator and that people work more efficiently and effectively as a consequence of them.

Hi Kate Rushton,
Please find more of Doctors advise that we give to our clients:
Early childhood development.
A newborn baby should be kept close and frequently held and cuddled by the mother, father and caregivers,
Immediate skin-to-skin contact for at least one hour after delivering provides warmth to the baby and promote bonding between the mother and baby,
Breast milk provides ALL the food and water a baby needs during the first six months of life,
Upon delivery, let the baby start suckling when s/he starts showing signs of interest,
Put the baby on the breast immediately after birth, ideally within 30 munities and at most one hour after birth, this provides the best start for the baby and can save his or her life
The first thick yellowish milk, also known as colostrum is very nutritious and full of antibodies that helps protect the baby against infection,
Water or sugar water or any other liquids or fluids are NOT necessary and ARE dangerous. They cause a delay in your milk coming (or start flowing),
A new born baby should be exclusively breastfed from birth for six months without anything else including water,
Feed your baby often for short feeding time, frequent feeding will help your milk to flow over the next few days,
Communication during breastfeeding like singing, caressing, talking, touching and laughing creates a strong bond between mother and baby,
Breastfeeding the baby during the day and night as long as child wants at least 8 times every 24 hours.
Important notes:
Mothers who are HIV positive should take their antiretroviral drugs regularly (ARV) and exclusively breastfeed their babies for 6 months. Giving ARVs to an HIV positive mother can significantly reduce the risk of HIV transmission through breastfeeding and also improves the mothers’ health.