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Richard commented on Youths,Agriculture pays off

Africa is in need of more food, that is a fact.  It is also a fact that majority of arable land on planet Earth is in Africa.  The world needs Africa to improve agricultural output.  There is much talk about 'small farmers' and 'family farms'.  They are a present reality, but they are unsustainable in the future.  Solutions, in my opinion, need to center on technology and large scale, co-operative farming.


Richard commented on School Of Skills

Excellent idea.  I am sure you understand that it will take a lot of refining.  The current form and curriculum of most African schools is not appropriate for the life that graduates live.  They are educated for opportunities that do not exist, and in some cases do not need to exist.  Appropriate education that equips the students for the current and future realities of Africa will be the most sustainable and do the most good.  You may be on to something.


Richard commented on e-kilimo

Chamgei, tupchoni.  I am interested in your agri-tech project.  At the moment it seems to be a bit large, attempting to solve many problems.  You might do well to focus on a few areas and develop them well before expanding.  However, your first challenge will be to ascertain what your potential users/customers are struggling with the most.  This is not something that you can provide on your own, but you need to solicit their opinions via interviews or a survey.