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Hello Leah,

Thanks for the thoughtful questions and the kind words! Let me try to answer them one at a time:

"Who are the farmers that your organization has delegated to retrieving the beans from the kiosks?"
I'm actually not 100% sure about this, so I've reached out to Daniel of bext360 to find out. Will post when I know more. Thanks for this question!

"One of the things I was thinking about was the possibility of theft. Are the owners of the machines farmers?"

A network of local female entrepreneurs will lease and administer the machines. When an entrepreneur leases the machine, they pay the lease fee directly out of each small transaction. They're still turning a profit, creating more job opportunities for rural women, and the machine owners and manufacturers know that they'll get their lease payment. Having the payments automated makes it easier for all parties.

"Do the machines keep a record of everything deposited in them so that owners can stay accountable?"
Yes. In fact, every transaction is recorded on the Stellar network, where it will permanently stay. Transactons on the network are visible for absolutely anyone, so all parties have access to the same data - the farmers, the entrepreneurs who lease the machines, and the machine owners all have the same data. There's no way to "cheat" the system or fudge the books, because the network validates every transaction using a cutting-edge "consensus algorithm." And all transactions are validated in 3-5 seconds.

Hope this helps clarify a bit, and please feel free to ask follow up questions if it didn't!