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Great good to know Stephan! Thanks for the response :) Good luck!

I love the idea! I wish I had the opportunity to have a One Day experience when I was in high school. I'm not sure if this has come up before in the comments, or if I have over looked this, but how will you consider locations and availabilities for certain occupations? For example, say I am a high school student located in the middle of the United States and wanted to learn more about being a marine biologist on the coast, but there aren't marine biologists around in my location. How would a student who is geographically limited be able to participate in such an interactive experience? This situation could also apply to students in third-world countries who may not have certain occupations of interest in available in that area. Any ideas on how to address this? Would love to hear your ideas :)

I was just browsing through this challenge and came across your idea, and I absolutely love it! I have done extensive research in the recycling industry (specifically plastic), and it's really fascinating to see how little people know about what can be recycled! This is a great tool for any environmentally conscious smart phone user to have!