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Vanessa commented on The Denise

Thank you Élyse Leclerc for adding me to your team, I'm honored!  I hope I can be helpful.  I had an idea -- what if you partnered up with the 'imperfect produce' community. 

And your product could also feature the imperfect produce (maybe even with the little googley eyes) and it would give a bit of personality to the fruit/vegetables that you are giving a longer life to.  It also could create a story line "Potatoes and Apples are friends" but "Mr. Banana makes everyone ripen faster, so he needs to be kept away from the crowd"  It could also really resonate with kids. 

This could also be great cross-marketing.  

The idea came to me because I love your project, and the imperfect produce project. I thought - why not put the two things I love together?  :-)  


Vanessa commented on How To "Keep Fresh" Sign

Hi Neil Trivedi That's a great question.  A few ideas - what assumptions are you making?  I believe the assumption is people don't know how to care for produce.  That if they had signs to remind them and educate them it would influence their behavior.  So let's explore those two items:

- Does having instructions of how to care for produce influence people's behaviors?
- Do people already know how to care for produce effectively?

A few ways to keep it small:
- Could you start with yourself?  Could you put these labels in your own refrigerator and take note of how often it influenced your own behavior?  
- Can you start with just 1-2 items? for example make labels on Spinach and/or Apples

Defining what to Measure and what metrics to monitor is always important and I can't say that I'm the best at it, but I believe an easy one that usually appeals is $ money savings.  For example how much is paid per apple, and how many apples do you throw out per week or month because they have gone bad before being consumed. 

There are other elements to explore but perhaps this gives you a few ideas to start with.  Best of luck!! and keep on keeping on! - Vanessa @humansideoftech on twitter if you'd like to keep connected.


Vanessa commented on The Denise

Élyse Leclerc What a beautiful design. I would personally buy this product if it were available. I love the concept and how it also has educational elements that we can learn how apples and potatoes have a symbiotic freshness relationship.  This also would be fun for children.  The beauty of the design is also appealing for a modern home.  I'm excited to see if this product continues to evolve and become available to the public. Keep on keeping on. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more.