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Alison commented on Pay for recycled bottles - involve the kids!!!

I lived in Michigan when I was a young child (the 90s) and this was the absolute norm for my family. I remember looking forward to going to the grocery store with my parents and getting to put the aluminum and glass bottles into the machines. We then would use that money towards renting a movie that we would watch as a family. It was a great lesson that has impacted me to this day on my mission to recycle and live a trying-to-be-zero waste life. Aside from that stint in Michigan, I am a Texan born and raised and it absolutely kills me to see the complete lack of recycling and green initiative in this state.

I would also like to make a note that of the bottles/cans we recycled, only a small part of that was actually from our household. My dad worked as a landscaper/gardener and would collect the bottles/cans from his co-workers and from litter they found on the areas they landscaped. He would also pick up the can recycling from our two elderly neighbors who he took care of their yards. There was no curbside recycling then in our area, so my dad was a great option for these elderly households who didn't have the means of dropping the recycling off themselves (or it was very inconvenient and time-consuming for them). Also, they really didn't mind that the only children in the whole neighborhood who were adorable got the proceeds lol.