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Tharindu commented on Collaborative care based Virtual Assistant

Hi Iliriana Kacaniku

Thank you so much for being interested in our idea. The reason behind the inclusion of a virtual assistant in our solution was to give a sense of direction to the new parents, specially moms. In most cases that we have witnessed in Asian context, a child is care by a group of family members. The problem new moms have there is that to take control of the care giving approach for the kid, they don't know what to do next and when to do something. By providing a virtual assistant what we are trying to achieve is , reduction of stress in parents due to not knowing what to do, building confidence and we are trying to make the journey of the parents much smoother, easier and organized.

This virtual assistant is not a VR assistant. It is a basic or medium level AI based virtual assistant appearing in your phone time to time (scheduled by the parent or default scheduled) to make sure that the parents know what to do next. Also with the machine learning and AI capabilities, with the data collected by the assistant, it will be customizing the list of activities given for each baby and parent.

When it comes to the American society, most of the parents rely on child care centers for their young kids to be nurtured and cared for. But the biggest problem that we encountered was , even parent who can allocate time to care for their babies, take them to care centers because they don't know what to do next. Also on the other hand parent who can't afford a care center some time end up doing serious damage to the kid mentally and physically because they don't know what to do next and there are no one for them to give guidance. In some cases that we noticed with the rich yet busy parents is that they don't have any control or knowledge about how the child is treated in the care center and whether these approaches are proper or not. We will be giving that sense of control by providing the required knowledge with just a button press through our virtual assistant.

The cherry on top in this approach is that we are allowing the parent to create a care group. A care group is a collection of people who are willing to help and support the parent to raise his or her child. We were inspired about this idea by looking at elephants. When a baby elephant is born to a herd of elephants, not only the mother but every one of the herd starts helping to raise and protect the baby. Even other female elephants breast feed the new born even though it is not their baby. This is why we though if this approach is successful in the wild, why can't it be with the humans. The response we got when we pitch our idea to some of the parents that we knew was great. Also this care group will be supported and monitored by a body of professionals to ensure that the group performs smoothly with out any hiccup would provide extra protection towards the parent and the child who is being cared for