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Abhijit commented on FLITE - Families Learning Together

Hi Lavanya,
That is indeed a wonderful suggestion.
Simultaneously, we are creating channels for proper information transfer in the lockdown, and then especially in the post lockdown period, since we may have to live with the virus for a while until vaccines come through.
In the calls, we take the first 20 minutes to reflect upon the past week and talk about struggles, challenges and wins. Here we also intend to discuss new developments as they occur in terms of the pandemic and process together national announcements, corona statistics, local incidents and so on.


Abhijit commented on FLITE - Families Learning Together

PLEASE NOTICE the two attachments for more details -
1. FLITE- Guidelines and Structure : This explains how we are trying to run the program and individual calls
2. FLITE's Introduction Call Summary : This includes a sample first call with one of the families, with their personal identifications removed. Also, a summary transcript of the discussion.


Abhijit commented on FLITE - Families Learning Together

Thank you Pukhraj Ranjan for the comment. We have just started our process and done the first few calls. Given the many challenges communities are facing in doing even that, we are going a bit slow. Also, we are keeping in mind to not assume too much or design too far, and are rather taking an approach to "respond to learnings with design". That being said, there is a flexible plan that we have for now which will surely undergo many changes. Much of this is in the attached documents (which I now see are quite easy to miss).

I am copying them here -
Some potential co-learning activities that families can start with -
- Playing a game together
- Tell each other stories one evening and describe the experience
- Create a small piece of art together with materials available at home
- An evening where each family member makes the rest of the family listen to his/her
favorite music (15-20 mins per member)

Some more advanced activities to try out -
- Co create a poem together
- Write and record a song together
- Write down a story/comic where your family is a super-hero family set out to save the
- An evening where you discuss your dreams and the support you need from each other
- Design a board game with your family

Phase I Structure (15 calls - optimistic / 25 calls - pessimistic) : 15 weeks to 25 weeks
1. Introductions and sharing of how life is
2. Understanding individual interests and asking them to try them out this week individually
3. Understanding one collective interest and try out a group activity
4. Attempting to learn something new from the internet or book or another source
5. Topic discussion : Skill
6. Topic discussion : Local Problems
7. Topic discussion : Global Problems
8. Topic discussion : Philosophical
9. What do you wish to achieve collectively in the next 1 month - Goal setting
10. Discuss goal and develop the learning & documentation plan
11. 4 calls to check in progress and milestones for the goal / discussions on other topics
12. FLITE conference / online exhibition? : All families present their goal and work done
ÔùÅ Survey after every 4 calls for impact documentation and feedback