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Kavindu commented on The 'Panchayudha' baby monitor

Hi Gayanjith Premalal 

Congratulations on your idea. This idea is actually amazing!!
But I have few concerns on the technology you are using here. It is true that Bluetooth is less harmful for babies. But it is bit difficult to convince the rural people with that because they usually have the mind set that technologies like Bluetooth is harmful for babies. So if you can think of another way to communicate between the devices it would be great. Apart from that, there are many similar devices that capture the temperature of the child and communicate with other devices. So I think you should differentiate the value proposition in this device properly in order to market your device when it is launched. I personally like your idea as you have addressed a very interesting aspect of Sri Lankan culture because a "panchayuda" pendant is a common thing that you can see in a newly born baby