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I think the idea of an application on a mobile phone is interesting. But it all depends on the person's profile. Some can eat more of this or that depending on their age and lifestyle.
Maybe a person could 1) fill up an anonymous form online (age, health problems, lifestyle) and be given a specific health profile-type ID (instead of keeping it an online profile, for privacy reasons you just get a number which can generate the entire profile again once entered. Just like a bank code to withdraw money). This profile ID can be short or long according to the info entered. according to health statistics, the season, the location. Instead of entering the name of the food. The client could scan a product (or take a picture of it if visual recognition software becomes more powerful) and he can then access a series of info (specific for her/his health profile ID) which can help him choose the product. This info can change according to the health profile ID, but also according to the season, the location and so on. For instance : "product OK but not more than twice a week. For your health profile this product is not really recommended. Eat x or y instead". Or "product OK, especially if you combine it with x or y. Need a recipe ? Yes / No." or "The product is not very healthy, but it is also important to be happy. You're young and you do sport so ok but brush your teeth well" and so on...
So in other words : 1) scan a product 2) read the comments on the food. Another possibility : the stores put some chips on their stalls. Then you can choose the option : detect the recommended food for me. Then before closing the user can answer a simple yes/no : did you buy the product ? Which can feed the health statistics. This system could maybe also be used in hospitals but with a health journal (so the patient doesn't eat the same food). Diversity of food is also important. If you eat salad everyday then it is not healthy anymore. :)