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1) More clarity is needed around the specific end users, and their exact needs and accommodations required: Girls and women with disabilities, SRH service providers needs to understand the rights of PWDs to SRH services delivery because negatives attitudes about Disability and sexuality among women’s and girls’ with disability and services providers lead to The discrimination from SRH services delivery, unsafe sexual relationships among girls and women’s with disability, un planned pregnancies and high risk sexual transmitted disease.
2) Would like to better understand what this program is proposing to do beyond raising awareness and capacity building (and more detail of who would receive the capacity building is needed).
- Capacity building for services providers  WWDs: 100 per each camps x5=500 WWDs+400WWDs  and services providers includes • 50 community services x7=350CS • 35Camp managementx7=245 • 50National Decision makers=50 DM Community sensitization through SRH drama and distribution of promotional material (IEC) and accessible SRH tools and provide training the end users on disability equality which is adapted on Humanitarian context which will lead to changes their negatives attitudes and inclusive SRH services delivery for women’s and girls’ with disability and it will be trained on disability right, self advocacy, community sensitization, disability equality training in 7 refugees camps
and the three most important ways that our idea will address to identified problem(s).
- Produce SRH Accessible material and tools it will lead to improve the information delivery for all Categories of all type with disability
- SRH Drama to educate community on the right of women’s and girls’ with disability also this will lead to change the negative attitude and discrimination they encountered to access SRH services and right.
- building capacity of services providers through DET it will lead to the inclusive service delivery for SRH
3) How will this program be sustainable: end user and services provider are capable for their self advocacy and aware to SRH Packages
4. What does success look like for this program and how will you measure it? Changes in negatives attitudes and provides inclusive SRH services Measures: Baseline survey increasing numbers of women’s and girls with disability get SRH will increase, the changes of services providers in their dairy work and it will be measured by doing participatory research