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Olivia commented on Housing for Haitians

Caroline, I absolutely love your idea for this environmentally friendly housing that helps both the people of Haiti and the environment! Tackling all the issues that you aim to with your idea including poverty, deforestation, climate change, and pollution is extremely innovative and very crucial in today's world. If only this type of thinking was used everywhere today! Your research about the effects of the earthquake really helped to emphasize the importance of your project as well. Have you thought about implementing workshops where the people in Haiti learn to build these houses and gardens in case of future disaster instead of just solely learning how to grow their food? I am also interesting to know how you plan to get this “hempcrete” to your desired area. Is the hemp plant readily available in Haiti? If so, does the process of turning it into concrete take lots of time and labor? You might consider taking these things into account before jumping right into the building stage. You might also try holding workshops where others who are passionate about your idea would want to volunteer to teach other Haitians about the building of their homes and how to maintain their garden. I think this could really help to expand your project as there would be more people on board with your idea and helping out to make more of a contribution!


Olivia commented on Air because we Care

I love your idea about creating an affordable air conditioner system from common objects like plastic water bottles! This is especially important for areas like India where pollution is so terrible and the climate is so hot. Your utilization of resources in this area are also a great idea considering how large the population is and how many recyclable objects are thrown out each year that could be turned into your idea! Have you thought about how you will get the word out about your idea and the community centers you’re implementing to help people understand how to make these air conditioners? You might also try partnering up with some of the people who already are building these air conditioners and have them work in your community centers to teach people about how it all works and show them how to build these. I feel that working with an already innovative community would definitely help you to lift your idea off the ground, especially being able to hear stories from other locals and get them excited about your big idea! This could help you expand your project quickly and efficiently.