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Ambrose commented on Fog Farms - Drinking Water from Humidity

Well the issues here really are the focus. Most development around agriculture/ food security in the developing world has been centered around training and distribution of seed packs. But one of the greatest limiting factors to production is actually water for production. There have been no purposive measures put in place to specifically address water shortage. You will find that in some areas rains cause flash floods which even destroy crop lands with no attempts to have such water stored say in canals. It will need some capital outlay and a commercialization drive around certain crops to address the cost- benefit analysis issues. Formidable changes in community development are not necessarily those centered around the present trend but also those that look at scalability, adoption and sustainability. I have no doubt that if such thoughts are given ground to flourish surely we shall reap big.


Ambrose commented on Fog Farms - Drinking Water from Humidity

This idea of community empowerment using local resources, people's capabilities coupled with financial support from without is a powerful tool with a sustainability aspect built in. It can however, be replicated in more than one locality with more or less the same outcomes. My dream is to see this idea implemented to improve not only the survival chances of children under five but also serve as a model for community development using meager resources and women at its fore front.

David, quite a range of food types can be grown by these people but in view of under five child survival and the fact that women are the most involved, I chose to go via vegetables. First because they are easy to grow using water from the kitchen, require little space and labor, are short gestation crops and are of high value. There is an altogether huge potential of scaling it out for income by the women who are very crucial in the survival of these infants; as mentioned earlier, vegetables can be fast movers especially in the dry season and for lack of competition in the market place. Capital can easily be got through vegetable growing and marketing for establishment of other enterprises and many things can be done jointly in the community through this approach like parenting and family size, reproductive health, nutrition and others. This is because it elicits the participation of women directly. However, cereals, tubers and pulses/ groundnuts are usually grown by these people. Food security however can be improved not only by own production but also through the market once the community has been economically empowered.