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Hi there
Great idea guys! It seems as though your educational content as it stands is mainly focused around regular shelf sized food packaging. Have you considered utilising the larger packaging which often encases these smaller packaged food items? The larger whole sale type boxes these smaller boxes often come packaged in often come with multi layered and more sturdy cardboard. This further expands the education content that can be printed on them and the ways this content can be used.

For example this great site and youtube video demonstrates how large dinosaur templates can be printed onto cardboard to create human size dinosaur figures!

This type of activity could also be great as a communal group exercise that can be done over an extended period of time to foster positive relationships and friendships within refugee camps. Children will be facilitated in developing social skills and the nature of the learning is such that it transcends language barriers between different ethnic backgrounds.

The extended time aspect of this type of educational content could also present refugee children with a tangible end goal that they can share with other children. Along with something to look forward to and work towards while spending time in these camps.