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Mansoor commented on Smiling Plates

Fantastic ideas, @DeletedUser  ! 

We hadn't considered sharpies/paints on ceramics. The plate as a canvas - and not merely a one-time graphic - would be really cool as well. 

Many thanks :)


Mansoor commented on Insights from Food Waste in Foodie Heaven

Hey Delia Kulukundis ,

Yes, you touch on one of our preliminary solutions - allowing customers to serve their own portions of rice and noodles. At present, hawkers offer a standard serving, which we think is likely a contributing factor to food waste. Because both noodles and rice are relatively cheap, having an open pot for self-service would be relatively inexpensive and potentially lead to less wastage. We hope to explore this idea further in the next stage. 

Thanks for your comment!



Mansoor commented on Music at the End of Life: Songs for the Dying

Hey Ned, 

What a brilliant idea! Immediately what popped into my mind is a kind of musical theater performance. Perhaps the musicians could work with the families to recapture some of their fondest memories of the individual in theatrical form (along with a soundtrack). This would be another way for those grieving to express their love for the individual. Of course you would need trained actors and rehearsals, but I think this could be both a poignant and playful way of commemorating and communicating what the person dying has meant to them.