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Thanks Jessica for your suggestion!

I think that the biggest challenge for getting any type of project like this up and running will come from getting the support and network of the community. I think that individual and artistic lights could foster ownership really well.

That being said--I won't want to stray too far from the core concept by including too much into one project unless it fits in with the strategy--for now it's too early to say.

If a local community group was organizing a project like this is could be a great partnership! Or, as one of the biggest challenges will be growing initial support and usage,. Perhaps light art events and posts will end up being the strategy to launch this project and grow a user base in a community.

Thanks for the idea--


Thanks Meena for the suggestion--and Karolle --what a small world!

I'm currently travelling with spotty internet so I'm a bit slower than I would like to repsond--but I really appreciate the suggestions. Check back to see some scenarios soon--I hope they can help this technical and nuanced idea come to life!

Karolle - The idea is post research so I haven't had too much feedback yet. Some of the particular elements in the idea are based on other more tested projects working with vulnerable populations and women. For example, expecting responses at night for a burnt out light is unrealistic and also dangerous. I'm in the process of getting some remote feedback from colleagues as well. I'll try and get some of them to comment on here too!

Thanks again!

Hey Denise,

Thanks for your comment and suggestion. LightLink is really about creating ownership oand knowledge for lights and well-lit corridors. Connecting with different tools for short term and long term interventions will allow users of the platform to take action. Posters could be an interesting inclusion! I

I'll check out the proposal and add some thoughts there too.