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Janice commented on The Quantified Impermanent Self

Hi Jim, Love this idea. The art of living often translates to the art of dying. And knowing that we lived well and aligned with our values gives satisfaction. Just wanted to share my feelings/reactions: I am both intrigued and also concerned at the idea of using a Fitbit-like device for assisting with our decision-making. Is the machine helping us to be accountable to ourselves or are we creating a dependency on the machine to follow-through? Classic ethical question. If there was a way where we can create a healthy balance between the two and at the same time cultivate the self-awareness within ourselves, through using the machine as an assistive tool, that to me would seem ideal.

Hi Mary, I love this idea. Reflecting on a person's contributions and gifts gives a sense of closure and positivity in leaving this life. I wonder how this could be incorporated into hospice care or nurses and coaches being trained to use this platform and guide patients, elderly or those who are dying how to use it. I think it would be very helpful to start listing the gifts and contributions while the person is more conscious and have a longer time from when they start this list to when they die so the effect could be more amplified, as opposed to doing the exercise a few moments before dying. Simultaneously, the person could receive feedback from people who may have been impacted by them. Those people could contribute by leaving comments and expressions of gratitude for the person.