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Hi Chris, thanks for your thought on my idea. I envisaged the platform specifically to link people who "know" they are going to die for some reasons (an illness, I thought) because these are the people who most come to reflect to their past experiences and thoughts and try to wrap up what they learned. I think they might have a perspective or stance on their life particularly due to their "doomed" condition. This resonates greatly with your proposal as well! Living could as well interact with the dying and connect with one another. I did not imagine the platform to have any kind of limitations. Everyone could contribute with something they find useful for both the passing and the survivors.
Regarding the managing of conversations, I imagine every person on the platform to have a personal profile. Every contribution needs to have a title or an hashtag which could allow the gathering of the similar ones under the same name in a sort of "newsfeed", as Facebook has. In this way, people could look for a specific person whose contributions they like, and they could as well search for trends or specific topics. Thanks again for commenting!

Hello Sue, thanks for your comment. I knew about your project already and I definitely think it could beautiful to integrate it with my idea! People who interact on the platform would eventually have to say goodbye to the others in some ways. They could choose a song and post it, so the others would have a mean as well to remember them and grieve them with music. Thanks for the input, let's stay connected!

Hello Lauren, thanks for your feedback. Your claim about elderly people not being able to access an online platform is sadly true. This might also be true for people who cannot control their movements anymore due to a severe illness. However, I do not have a solution except that (younger) relatives might record old people's stories with a camera, and then post it for them on the platform. They might as well patiently read out loud the others' comments and response videos/vocal notes. I think this might be a positive eventually, for it would involve other relatives in the use of the platform as well.