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Hi @Carolina M. Alexander,

I think that it depends on how big your immediate team is and whether the other colleague works close enough to provide thoughtful feedback. However, if they do, then I'd think that getting feedback from a different colleague would be more beneficial. I think the RBSE should be done twice a year. I think that anything more frequent would be seen to be a burden to the person providing feedback. People can grow to resent having to do the exercise if it is done too often which would negate the positive effects of the exercise. Do you have any views?

Hi Minna Kim ,
Thanks for considering and answering my questions. Thank you also for the links to the sites which provides a good description of possible irrigation systems and visuals of living walls.

Initially I had thought you would have to manually water the gardens but the implementation of an irrigation system would make things much easier - especially if there is a timer and all you need to do is flip a switch! I agree with your idea of volunteers - I think it would work if there was a roster of volunteers. In this way, the work would be evenly divided and there would be no ambiguity as to who needs to do what and when (even if it was only a matter of flipping a switch).

Perhaps also, if not too costly and there aren't already any experts in the field participating, a professional gardener or someone with a deep knowledge of maintaining healthy plants can come in to check on the garden once a month or two.

I would think that HR would handle the implementation of the idea as it might fall under maintaining the mental health of employees (such as reducing stress levels etc.) I suppose it would be up to individual organisations on how much weight they would put on the mental health of employees in regards to how much they would be willing to invest in the project. You would hope that they would be willing to invest heavily in the health of employees, but in this day and age - who knows!

Hi Carolina M. Alexander ,
I also studied AI and did the RBSE which included family, friends and work colleagues. I found that it was a great tool and really did make me feel more valued at work. Although previously I didn't particularly feel taken for granted, I found that the tool was useful to acknowledge my contributions. I was also surprised by some colleagues compliments. I had thought that they wouldn't really take to the exercise, but found that had taken the time to make thoughtful comments, and honestly it felt good that my efforts had been acknowledged. As a result, it made me feel that I should continue to be as productive as possible and to live up to the comments/praises they had made. In this regard, my workplace and I had both benefited from the exercise. Saying that, I'm not sure how well the RBSE would work on a continuous basis. I think that there is only so much a colleague can say before being repetitive if this exercise is done on a frequent basis.