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This looks great, Tina!! :)


Hilde commented on Mock Stock

Hi Zoe,

I really like where you're going with this. I have a bachelor in International Marketing and are now doing my MBA majoring in Strategic Management, and what I find common is that we really learn the theory, but not how to practice the theory and what we learn in the real world, which is a significant part. It's a reason why so many companies require work experience before they hire new ones. Currently I have one subject where we are working with real clients, which is a really great learning experience. However, it takes a lot of time (!!) and it has now been decided that the subject will from next semester increase from being a 6 credit point subject, to a 12 credit point subject and students will not be allowed to do other subjects when taking this one. For your idea, I think it is very important to measure what is expected and required by the students in order to not fall behind in this or other subjects and also to stay engaged and motivated throughout the course. It is also important to have in mind that people in the age 13-17 may differ a lot when it comes to learning and may have very different needs in order to ensure efficient learning. You suggest the idea to be a 3-6 week program, so I'm curious how intense it will be as in how many hours per week will be needed as lectures and how many hours for homework etc. Think about what could be typical critical questions that may be asked before the schools decide to implement this program and also from possible investors. I think your idea is great, and I think it definitely will give the kids heaps of needed information and valuable knowledge, as it is essential to have an understanding of the stock market in today's business world. Keep up the good work! - You are really on to something highly relevant for the future.

I get your point and I totally agree with you. If you want to reach and convince kids you definitely need to communicate with the right language. A good idea could be to use only the most common words (ex. 100 most common words). Your slogan could be as easy as "Things about money in 30 fun seconds" or "30 fun seconds about money". Just throwing out some suggestions..:)

That's awesome, and I look forward to see where this is going :)