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This is great stuff....Impressive, it is always wonderful to see that SMEs are working in small BIG ways to Change the Way we Live! and Impacting the Disadvantaged Groups in the World.

I stumbled on a discussion with regards to the importance of Sunscreen for the Albino and indeed it will be a game changer if one can crack the accessibility and affordability of these creams or oils. A lot of these Albinos cannot access these Sun screens and if they do, the supply is not sufficient, poor distribution channels, lack of accountability etc.

Have you though about how to provide options to the current situation in Kenya where there is a fixed ration of Sunscreen supplies to the Albino society? Which from my research and knowledge is quite expensive and insufficient to cater for the growing number of emerging cases across the Kenyan divide.

This will not only protect their skins but now enable them to literally work out in the fields and walk out there without fear of tomorrow. With these huge hole catered for in the sense that they can now access more affordable sunscreen options, it means that for as long as you can continue to provide them with avenues that create self employment and generate incomes, they can actually sustain their own livelihoods.

Therefore, my thoughts would be for you to pursue partnerships to support in the provision and access of sunscreens, which is a daily requirement for these society.

Keep going, this is what we all need to think about in our small cocoons.