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Sumit commented on **Alumnis/Professionals experiences sharing**


    This is just a prototype that we're developing. That's why we couldn't find any appropriate photos but we'll update it soon.

Many Thanks,


Sumit commented on **Alumnis/Professionals experiences sharing**

Hi Joel,
     We, alumnis, are currently trying to form club with the present students in theuniversity to share those practical experience. I really appreciate your feedback on finding a way to make it some kind of vounteering prohram for alumnis to come back and share, but we'll need to develop a proper platform for this.

Thank you for your kind feedback.


Sumit commented on Appreciative Development for Sustainable Growth

Hello Meena!!!!
Thank you for your kind feedback!!! Sure, I'm more than glad to share an example. Since I work as an engineer in Bangkok, Thailand. Here whenever we introduce our brand, people would expect so much the thing we're offering since they see us as a big dog and that would decrease our sales. When we're giving our best something seems to fall short and that's how we came to start this research on appreciative inquiry to find the key to improve the mindset of the perceivers and receivers. We conduct the research by interviewing people about their best feeling about our products or the best feeling when they sell/buy (in this case it can be the best thing that you like about your current situations....etc. the possibilities are endless) no logical questions just questions relating to emotional value. From those interviews we sort the most frequent keywords to find the most shared value that most of them like. Those top keywords will be our focus to improve, whatever solutions we are going to propose or innovate should orbit around those values. We deliver them the solutions that they already expected but add other subtle elements to enhance the quality of life.
This method also help fix the problem the UN had faced when funds were poured down into many places in needs, but still couldn't develop the place sustainably.
This area has a lot of potential and I'd be glad to help expand this art while helping as many people on the way.

PS: I'll make sure I update profile. ;) Thx.