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Social Innovation commented on Social Innovation Box

Thanks for your comment.
We do sell the box, it costs 150 Euros. It´s affordable even if you are a student.
We would love to sponsor as many as we can, that´s the purpose to submit the idea here.
Cheers :)


Social Innovation commented on Social Innovation Box

We are editing our entry as well, thanks for the questions!.

Social Innovation Hub was established officially in 2016, however since 2012 it has been part of the social impact and english programs of Latinomics International ( an organization providing leadership experiences abroad for Latin American countries.
We decided to split Latinomics and start Social Innovation Hub due to the increasing demand of NGOs looking for support, and focus more professionally in our work with social initiatives ON the field.

The box itself has been used by 18 projects during 2016 and 2017. However, we have been applying, developing and using the methodology and the tools since 2012 when Latinomics started to incorporate volunteer and internship programs in small NGOs.

In 2016 Social Innovation Box was granted with "The Latin American Leadership Award 2016" by Latinomics and Moneda Blanca as part of their main tool used by 25 leaders participating in the Latin America Leadership Summit 2016.

In 2017 Social Innovation Hub interventions in NGOs was recognized by the Regional Academy of the United Nations for the outstanding results: "Fascinating!, no doubt the best formula to redesign the way we tackle modern social challenges and interventions”.

Each project lasts for 1 month. We use the box and tools on-site with the NGO team as well as in a intensive 1-week program for NGOs directors. We also deliver the box plus a tailored step-by-step guide book by post, followed by constant online support.

Case of success: Living Positive Kenya (LPK) is a Community Based Organization aiming to support women and their kids infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. It is formed by 20 members located in Ngong, Kenya.

LPK has 3 main projects running: 1. Women empowerment and skills development program (WEEP), 2. Day-care center for children, 3. A farm as part of its micro-financial support to the WEEP.

Most of the time and effort are invested in managing donors and volunteers, thus there is not sufficient time to focus on the improvement and development of the current programs. Furthermore, LPK would like to become economically more independent, self-sustainable and build income generators through the WEEP program.

In 1 month, with the use of the Social Innovation Box, we were able to re-encounter the core values of LPK by analyzing the evolution of their outcomes in the last 5 years. We started to build a strategy to focus on a strong income generator linked with the WEEP program. The result was the installment of a chicken supply business as well a small factory to produce pillows and school uniforms. We also built a better and more automatize volunteer management system by introducing a common agenda covering the whole state of the volunteer including a set training before the actual arrival, the system is based in a win-win relationship which actually fulfills volunteer expectations.

We built an achievements board that keeps track of their monthly goals and sets prioritization of the tasks needed, leaving time for general meetings like evaluation of results.

Outcome of the Social Innovation Box in Living Positive Kenya (On site): Income generator, more self-sustainable NGO, improvement of their WEEP program, efficient volunteer management and recovery of their main mission.

Our plan for the following year: Make the box more accessible, introduce a set of video-guides, thus facilitating the auto-use of the box. Plan for the next 2 years: Build a cloud and desk platform that will allow small NGOs to manage their organizations and receive feedback from others. Plan for the next 3 up to 5 years: Incorporate blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the NGO sector.

Our revenue model: We currently have our box on sale and are looking for sponsors who want to provide the box to other NGOs. Additionally, we sell the box during trainings and educational projects in universities, schools and consulting firms.

Our main current challenge is the escalation of our solutions and a more efficient approach to our beneficiaries.

Social Innovation Box is a powerful and accessible tool-box for NGOs to incorporate project management, business intelligence and real experience in their daily challenges.

We are convinced that inequality, globalization and digitalization can affect NGOs, mostly in non-developed countries, which have limited access to technology, resources and innovation.

We aim to build a bridge that closes this gap by providing knowledge, resources, tools and real experience to NGOs and social initiatives in a friendly and easy to use way.

Social Innovation Box gives everyone the chance to make a positive impact in the world.