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Rene commented on United Terra Initiative

Yee thank you! Same to you and your project. If you have run into a wall or need helping hand, I am here.


Rene commented on United Terra Initiative

Hey Eric,

It's an initiative. So, it's open to all people & organizations who wish to contribute and develop the vision forward in their own way. I see myself as the spark and sage at the moment. In due time, I will mature into what will be called a 21st Century Pharaoh (a sage that leads like a gardener).

In terms of exposing the ideas, I do plan to use a website, Collaborative Artivism (called The Reclamation) and a Documentary Series that explores not only the questions and ideas but the context behind them. In a sense, the series will show a brief but explicit history of humanity shot like Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" that will question pivotal moments in history and lead into our possible bright future. In truth, the best exposition is through talking with people about this and accepting any help to develop & to get this vision to key figures. The United Terra Journal exists for people to read, critique, and share. I am looking to create short videos of the essays on the Journal because people don't read as they used to.

My first objectives are to listen to all feedback of the vision, invite people into the vision to collaborate, and find a space for the vision. I am testing OpenIDEO to see who bites. And so Eric, I am happy that the vision touched you and I am happy to answer all your questions & open to your feedback & ideas.

Even though I am the originator, my inspiration is in people. The vision happened when I truly saw and felt the big picture. In a poetic sense, I am Humanity and thus I had the vision for Humanity. It was blissfully enlightening but also depressing.. There is a plenty of work to dispel all the lies and illusions.

I will be creating a Bitrix24 platform this summer for the initiative to create global digital space for the manifestation of the vision.

Lastly, United Terra Initiative is created to make "Spaces that Connect" Project and others exist harmoniously. United Terra is a fertile ground for a vast garden of compassionate dreams & visions. United Terra's only rival is the old & trivial society and its exploitative economic system... AKA the Status Quo.

I hope I answered your questions. Currently, I have reached my limit in painting the picture. I am now laying the foundation for co-conspirators (the reason why it is on BridgeBuilder 2018). I do thank you Eric from the bottom of my heart. There are times where I feel like a Pariah because I don't live by the Status Quo. I value time more than money. I value my physical and psychological health more than my possessions. I value people over profit & gains. In a way, I am living as an example of life in United Terra. I don't live by rights nor laws. I live by Freedom & Responsibility.

Forever Grateful & In Your Mercy.