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Hi Alex, brilliant idea! I love the enthusiasm!!! I think the innovation center meets the need of a transition place between school and career. True to what you said, there's a big group of people that have studied nutrition courses just for the sake, but even those that have the passion for nutrition are caught off-guard by the realities of the working world. Hence, the innovation center can be that place that will refine them and help them define their course. One of the ways could be by providing graduate assistantships where graduates get hands-on working experiences & opportunities in the different food & nutrition areas i.e, community nutrition, clinical nutrition, foodscience & processing, quality assuarance, entreprenueship, SBCC, to mention but a few; all this under the mentorship and guidance of those who've gone before in these areas. And after goin through the whole program, they decide which area suits them best. With the current social & lifestyle trends, well trained and professional nutritionists are vital in society. Being a young field in our country, its good to get it right from the start, so again, the innovation center provides an opportunity for people to be trained in proffesionalism. So, bravo & keep on keeping on, i look forward to seeing this become a reality.