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Alvar commented on Teledemocratic Communication Systems

I just read the news that the head of Oxford Martin School, Achim Steiner, has just been named Administrator of the UNDP. Some years ago, I contacted the Martin School, and I have contacted the UNDP here in Venezuela several times. Since I hope to enter the Said Business School at Oxford, there may be a possibility for developing the Teledemocratic Communication Systems Programme there.


Alvar commented on NAACP: Reclaiming the Power of Voice and Vote

Lynda, although focusing on voting is exemplary, action research I have carried out indicates that constituent-legislator communication is crucial. If constituents, even if they do not vote for any reason, do not keep correspondence with their legislators, they run the chance of being victims of "virtual representation." The term originated when British parliamentarians assured American Colonists that their representation was virtual, and they did not need direct representation because all Members of Parliament would look after the interests of American Colonists. The result was the cry of "No Taxation Without Representation," with the rest being well documented. So, one thing I believe all citizens need is continuous correspondence with their legislators so that any legislator will not appeal to the "virtual" representation concept and claim they represent all their constituents in a virtual manner. You must remember that Adam Smith wrote, "It is not out of benevolence that the butcher gives a steak to his customer. It is for his own interest."


Alvar commented on Global Peacebuilding Engineers Program

Hi, Althea. I am thinking of aligning the Global SoS Network I preside with an university program. Now that I know about Drexel University, I will look into it. I agree with you regarding the skills engineers possess, in fact, I point it out in my index page . An application I think will be useful for peace engineering is in the area of digital engineering. You might be aware of how cruise missiles contain digital maps to guide them through the terrain they fly through. Well, it seems to me that the mapping technology can be useful to legislators so they can "map" constituent conflict in their constituencies. At a glance, any legislator in the world could view emerging conflict, and see to it that resources are assigned to resolve such conflict. My entry is under Teledemocratic Communication Systems, page 3 of the entries, near the bottom.