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Kate Rushton I'm having difficulty with the refinement phase. I accessed the refinement questions two weeks ago to share with my team, and now I cannot. There is no "edit" above the title per the refinement tool kit instructions. I made sure that I was logged in, but to no avail! Help! I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

Hello Dathane, and thank you for the questions! Your first one is actually one we have been addressing in our refinement phase. There are two prescreening phases. You'll see this on our chart. First, Entrepreneurs/inventors (E/I) must be approved through the Inventors Assistance Service. This group checks to see if there are any patents, and includes a $170 application fee. If approved, the E/Is are then sent to the New Product Development Center (NPDC). The NPDC has engineers on its staff who check the theory to see if the concept will work, and can also help with design. If approved, the NPDC will put the E/Is in touch with either the faculty/staff in the manufacturing program to help with the prototype or limited run OR with the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance to identify the best manufacturer to handle what is needed. This is actually how the current process works at The Oklahoma University in Stillwater.

Could we do the educational platform online? Currently, the engineering classes are offered face-to-face or via hybrid (mostly face-to-face with a few online meetings/projects). At some point, more engineering classes will be offered totally online.

I was not familiar with Roll20 and Discord, but checked out those websites. I think the concept is an interesting one that has potential merit. I'm going to check with our faculty to see what they think. It's quite possible that some universities may already be doing something similar. Ours is not.

Umar, wow, loved your entire project. The idea of multiple universities, industries, etc. working together to provide credentialing for students is excellent. In Oklahoma, we have a prior learning assessment (PLA) policy whereby we evaluate students' work experience, military training and experience, earned credentials (local, regional, and national) and classwork to provide appropriate college credits toward their degree. This functions in a very similar way, but broadening the educational access so that it is not one institution but many involved in supporting the student.

I'd like to keep an eye on your project!