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Hi Sofia,

This is an excellent question! As also mentioned in our application, to motivate usage of provided information, we will be providing monetary and social incentives to health workers. Health workers are already used to receiving incentives for carrying out different tasks, this system will sit upon that existing infrastructure and continue to provide incentives for carrying out activities suggested by the application. Additionally, the greater visibility of the concerns of the communities they serve was also cited to be a motivation by the health workers.

Additionally, many of the features of our application are simply meant to replace pain points and fit into existing processes. We've been working with and studying the target population for almost two years now and as such have gained a deep understanding of their workflows and pain points. As such, we are not targeting disruption, but more of a streamlining of existing work. Also, by providing visualizations, we hope to make intangible benefits more concrete to ASHAs to further motivate them such as displaying time spent on work (much of which is currently spent on mundane required tasks) and improvement in health coverage and health outcomes.

Your project sounds very interesting, good luck!

Hi Aline,

Thank you for this feedback! We have been thinking about incentives to encourage people to use the technology as mentioned below. I shall also add these to the description:
1. Monetary incentives: Health workers already collect data on paper and receive monetary incentives for collecting data from each household. The app will simply replace existing paper-based data collection and will continue to provide monetary incentives for data collected per household. We have already tested this approach, and this is significant motivation for them to use the app.
2. Work incentives: The app will eliminate time spent on repetitive data collection, also reducing the time spent on mundane tasks such as copying data over to a register significantly.
3. Social incentives: The app will allow health workers to view the progress they have made over time, this has been shown to motivate health workers to use the app and improve performance in a previous study.

A simplified version of the app is definitely possible. As mentioned in the description, we will building on top of existing infrastructure so that should considerably reduce cost. We will also begin with data visualization and aggregation as specified in the timeline of the project, later adding more complex data analysis.

We are indeed targeting collaborations and are currently in talks with various entities in Delhi to gather support!

Hi Anubha,
Thank you for your feedback on this work! Your support is greatly appreciated :)