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The calendar encourages our loved ones stay active in a structured day, and stay connected with family members.

The calendar encourages our loved ones stay active in a structured day, and stay connected with family members.

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Di commented on Music Memory Box

Hi Chloe. This is such an awesome and considerable product! I can tell that how music can trigger memories of a person with dementia and how happy their family members are that it reconnects family bonds. I love the fact that each music box is unique and personalized, so people feel a closer relation to the surroundings.

I am an Industrial Designer, so I have some comments on design itself for your reference to move forward.

1. Material choice. Might consider use soft materials such that gives a soft and warm feeling when user touch it.
2. Form. The music box is so edgy and looks hard and heavy. Might think about round the edges and make it even more user friendly.
3. Color choices. Bright colors or the person's favorite color, since in the later stages of dementia people can't really tell dull colors.
4. First impression. When I talked with a dementia expert, she said that people with dementia want to know what the product is immediately. So for the music box, you might want to bring the function/intention up to surface.


Di commented on Interactive Calendar

Hi Molly! Thanks so much for sharing your story.

Yeah. And I also realized when I was reading a pop-out book with a person with dementia that she loves to touch the "letter", the feather and "snake skin" in the book, and she was so happy. Little things that give them physical and emotional feelings would be comforting and satisfying. If you don't mind, does your grandmother have a routine everyday or do you or your mom tell her what to do?


Di commented on Interactive Calendar

Thank you Enza! Yes, it is a problem for both patients with dementia and caregivers to struture their daily routine. In my experience with a person with dementia, she lies on her bed everytime I go to her room. So I want to figure out a similar daily routine for them, but at the same time, they have a feeling of being supported by people around them and having contribution and accomplishment in the actitivies which can motivate them to be active!