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This is a great initiative, Robert. I believe that many adolescents will greatly benefit from this program. Using such an interesting approach, and a non-abstinence based curriculum is quite interesting. Wishing you nothing but the best!

Using the ideas of equity and quality are a great approach!


Ruth commented on 'Fire Up!' - A Refugee-Run Girls Education Programme

Hello Robert,

Congratulations on the well-written proposal. This idea addresses a significant gap, while using integrative approaches to hopefully have an impact.

As you know, refugee women and girls are the most vulnerable groups of displaced populations. Further, with religious and cultural beliefs, their are significant challenges and barriers to their success and development. This vulnerability increases when their is no emotional/psychosocial support and also education. I was wondering if you could clarify the specific topics covered in the curriculum/course you hope to implement. The challenges that this group of girls face is different than that of nationals, and as such, these differences should be reflected in the education (i.e., topics on SRH given the risk of SGBV and early marriage). Further, many of these girls have been forcibly displaced from their country of origin due to conflict, and may have endured trauma (sexual or non-sexual). Could you elaborate on how your staff will be able to manage and deal with these issues effectively to ensure the well-being of the child?

Looking forward to hearing on the progress of this project.