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Thank you for the insightful notation, Stefan.

Unschooly will not be the only school providing awesome personalize system. The likes of connections academy, Minerva school, African leadership university, have tested this system in their own unique way. If you go through the presentation I attached to this post, I mentioned a system of grading students per semester based on what they have been able to achieve regarding their longtime personal projects. Many successful entrepreneurs and changemakers have something in common, they have resilience and dedication. We don't just want to over feed students with irrelevancy like a jerk of all trade, we want the student to focus on their passion from day one. On our own ends, we are helping them designing a step to take, which include but not limited to, feedback, projects supervising, provision of resources, progress monitoring through the scale of improvement, the timeline for each semester and securing suitable internship and exchange courses from public universities for research purpose. I'm a students of African leadership university, in my stay in this innovative university in Mauritius, I have learnt few or more things regarding how the startup university managed to secure internship from top global companies, including McKinsey, Bain & company, IBM, Google, Coca-Cola, to mention few, despite the university is just 3 years old. In my discovery, top companies in the world now understand the reality of securing talents. They don't just want a student with degrees from notable universities, all that they care for is professional execution and delivery. They want graduates who are curious, challenging, passionate and ready to go extra miles at whatever they are doing. This is one of the reasons, why the first set of African leadership university's students who had their first-year internship recently were given a pass rate of 80% overall by all these companies. At Unschooly, I believe there are still more to things to fill from the loopholes of all these non-traditional and public universities, albeit each one of them has their own up and down.
I'm open to discussing these further. Thanks.

One of the most crucial questions I asked myself is, would this system work without partnership? Obviously, the top university in the world including, Oxford, Havard, Stanford, MIT, among others, have created an extension learning platform where homeschooled students can learn through the platform and get a certificate. We are leveraging all these existing opportunities and modeling it in a unique way, by bringing every relevant thing together and make one awesome system of learning for students. Students will be taking online certified courses based on necessary skills they deemed require in each semester of the academic year. Let's say a student whose end goals (or ambition) is to create an automated mind- synchronizing electronics such as operating functions of phones, computers or electronic devices by mind connectivity. He will be taking courses which can help him develop the required skills to build this device, by joggling computational classes (artificial intelligence) with natural science classes (Molecular biology and Nanotechnology). Let me know if we can discuss this further or check my attachment. Thanks.

Hi Teo John,

Connected learning is broadly working on six principles which Unschooly system strongly support. However, there are more features of the platform such as space learning (personalized learning), virtual peers, and unlimited freedom of choice and flexibility of learning time that challenge the students to go extra miles in acquiring resources and support to achieve their ambition. Most importantly, the opportunity students have to secure an internship, deliver projects at the end of each semester, and collaborate with like-minded for laboratory works and field trips. These are awesome ideas which we are incorporating from existing development into Unschooly. Hope this makes it clearer?