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methodology calendar, 'A rebirth of regiemen and curricular re-instatement for all followers ''apprentices of subsistenance lifestyle.

methodology calendar, 'A rebirth of regiemen and curricular re-instatement for all followers ''apprentices of subsistenance lifestyle.

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mike commented on Literacy For Life

For the better benifit to had the initiative fortification to had implied as well to god and of the thankfullness we have to forgoe his brand of justice as trust of faith in the almighty and superiority for the ways of repairachen in debt to guidance of god in due justice to will of word in life.

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mike commented on Lingo Circus

Hi! Just to clearify languages have different communication attributes to capture the sweetspot of life linguistically empowered cosmology. But yet mearly a steppingstone of lifes complex profficient rights of human entitlements, socially alighned careers of the human fine arts via language orientations, parrallel bio chemistry (dna) system theory, generic/hereditary life ideology, Anthropology social ethic methodology, it's quite a dynamic carreer path of mans natural intuition and compliance to understanding of the life primary protocol learning, competance , purpose , cause , meaning fudiciary so to compile secondary and third party class architecture sectors of human to reffer landscape capital of the educational aspects within species of mans impetive social instincts; body mind soul. An intuitive purpose and foundation theme . As an innovation theory of life intuitive plan and alternative stratedgy of lifes human reasources industry and nessesity to find varified connection through inherited generic human connection to worlds growth ,developedment and process in translated hieroglyphic methodology of mystic and mythological,' unified intellectual property of world fundemental foundation . All of this to desribe the priority communication initiatives of mans educational experience persuant to the innovative cultural developedment with life manifestation .


mike commented on Creating Businesses which are Humane.

this is a proactive initiative to approaching things on the right foot where the intelligence is connected to the ethic and the reasource and endeavor to authoritys guidance and direction. magnitude in anything possible to appreciate your idea intrest.