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Robert commented on Religion, spirituality, or just tradition?

Awesome post Aaron Wong  regarding how we experience post mortem tradition.

I think this is a great exercise in examining the built world and also due to geographic locational influence. Such areas like New Orleans or Key West build graves above ground to counter the flood plane and keep bodies from from being exhumed from the soil. Peter Eisenmen has designed a wonderful memorial for the murdered Jews in Germany that takes one on a path of education and reflection and Maya Lin through a procession of earth and engagement. 

Though I have never been to Hong Kong to experience these sites. You really can feel the weight this has on the locale. I imagine the height plays into suffering one has gone through and the intermediate zone while awaiting placement. 

Great to see you thinking in this context. 


Robert commented on Momento Necropolis.

Aaron Wong, thanks for the comments! 

Yes, I am new to OpenIDEO which is a great platform. I'm glad you brought up those two points regarding lack of space and age of graves. I actually left out the first point in hopes someone would bring it up. The issue of re-settlement and what that can psychologically do to a family.

Two more issues I will touch on are somewhat, out of our control. One being unexpected death and second being intentional self inflicted. In this case, no one can possibly prepare to overcome this type of loss. Yet, I am sitting here wondering if there ever were a way to alleviate this, how would this happen. In a primitive way, there are "pop-up graves" you see along the side of the rode, shaping our landscapes, white bicycles chained nearby a fallen cyclist, etc. These nuances have developed over time and are a testament to design and paying respect.  


Great, and personal share. There is something to be said for nostalgia of reflecting on moments that have a large influence on you as you grow through life. The usage of the application in this instance is a great method to share these moments.

Something we widely study in architecture is mobility. Influential of architecture and design as people with disabilities or age move through the built environment. Often, architects also look into cemetery design,experience and programming. I recall when my grandfather was falling into Alzheimer's, it became increasingly difficult for him to move around, until eventually having an in house caregiver.

I am very interested to see what route this challenge takes on. Hopefully looking into the issues of connectivity, emotion, remembrance, and experience and perhaps even what roles technology can play for our aid.