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*** “An impressive team but I do not see any educational
qualification/experience to ensure learning packages are structured to
maximise educational outcomes - how would you address this?

While each of our team members has their expertise, education somewhat
criss-crossed all our life paths (see below) and we are all convinced
that education is a catalyst for development. That is also the reason
why we aim at situating our intervention in an educational context in
the first place.

Team experience in teaching, training and facilitation:

Anna works as an advisor but also trainer in a youth organization. She
develops training curricula, runs and evaluates these trainings.
Trainings focus especially on personal development, reconciliation,
conflict transformation and non-violent action. She also taught
psychology to university students prior.

Raj derives his inspiration for education and tech because of his
upbringing with basic-means and later in life starting a
classroom/school chapter for Association for India's Development (AID)
in the slums of New Delhi himself. He witnessed how internet/tech
changed access to knowledge and livelihoods in slums. He voluntarily
taught in free/public schools at different capacities and also
professionally taught at NYU and currently teaches in PP at RULE.

Waseem is a facilitator and the Liger Learning Center for
underprivileged, highly talented students from 10-18 years of age. He
manages the school's Fab Lab and teaches creative technologies
including electronics, mechanics and programming, with a focus on
developing technology that can help the immediate surrounding

Steph: Taught about technology, innovation and inclusive business
models in universities before. She adds to our team that also she
understands education from a policy perspective. She advised the
German Development Cooperation on ICT4Education content and policies
for 2 years, and over the last 2 years, the Cambodian Government on
implementing vocational education and training. She focuses on linking
laws, regulations and public sector processes through supporting
mechanisms (e.g. PPP with schools) to implement demand-oriented
quality education at micro level.

Udo: Taught media and camera theoretically and practically to students
as well as numerous teenage media trainees.

Kuma: Besides editing, Kuma also teaches Yoga to people of all ages.

We have our core team, which is crucial to get things done. At the
same time, we apply a Collective approach which draws on various
talents within our networks. Thus, during ideation as well as
prototyping phase, we have continuously consulted numerous contacts to
check our approaches and get additional feedback. Among them, we also
ensured to get feedback from teachers of various sorts and educational
content creators.