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Hi Ariel!

Yes, we would like to sell period-related products. We think that it would be an interesting opportunity and experience.

In Colombia, discussions about periods related topics can be considered a taboo challenge too. It's still a stigmatized topic. However, the context here is very different from East Africa. The problem turns around some vulnerable communities that can hardly access to SRH products and services. Then, it would be a good to study and to explore more period-related products.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Dear Liz
Thanks a lot for your feedback. La Recyclerie provided great inspiration to continue in the development of our idea. In the strategic planning activities with Profamilia’s Young leaders we made some advances in figuring out how the C&S center experience would fit in SRH related activities into the café in the most natural and pleasurable way. We will upload a video of these activities as part of the refinement phase. Nevertheless we need to continue working on this, specially exploring different age-groups and sociocultural backgrounds to make our center the most inclusive and engaging we can.
If you have any experience on methodologies to use on designing our users’ experience; that would be very useful and will contribute to develop this project a bit more.

Again, thanks for your feedback! :)

Business model:
1) Profamilia has 28 health care centres nationwide, with almost 1,200 employees. There are food and beverage suppliers. The idea of Profamilia is to give the aspect of Coffee - food and beverage - to one of our national suppliers, or to select an additional brand, with presence and market penetration, that can also, through its corporate social responsibility program, offer a series of free food and/or beverage advantages for the activities of the centre, and the young members of the cultural centre in general. We want to emphasize that we see the Cultural Centre (CC) distributed "in two floors": the first or lower floor, where the Café will be, totally multicultural, with a presence like any other coffee, such as Starbucks; and in the second floor or upper floor, the cultural centre, with a reception for the access guide, distributed in different rooms by type of activities, and/or services, for group activities, personal, leisure, educational, etc.
2) Among the defined products to be distributed are, without being limited: the current products of the young Profamilia line -Lubricants, Pregnancy Test, Condoms, emergency contraception, Menstrual Cup-, and the line of pleasure products with Profamilia seal, in preparation.
3) Within the wide range of activities initially planned for the CC are: Counselling service/counselling on sexuality, SRHR issues - this service will be provided in a personalized or group way -, weekly artistic programming related to theatre, film or documentary projection, dance, monologue, poetry reading, among others -, availability of readings, mural of expression with chalk or graffiti, access to information and virtual games through tablets or touchscreen devices.
Specific medical services will not be provided at the CC due to Colombian law regulations for them, but through counselling, these needs will be redirected to Profamilia's medical centres throughout the country.
4) Profamilia has been working for a long time with adolescents and youth on promoting and guaranteeing access to SRHR. In this sense, we already have a well-established Confidentiality Policy and in our daily practice, our staff is aware of guaranteeing confidentiality for those accessing our different services. In the specific case of the C&S, we will provide privacy by separating the café in two floors. In the second floor, there will be arranged spaces for receiving information and counseling on SRHR questions. This counseling can be in groups or individual. All the young staff working at the C&S will be asked to comply to Profamilia’s confidentiality policy. It is also important to highlight that the young staff we are planning to involve in this initiative has already participate in a training process with Profamilia on all the topics related to SRR and these makes them sensible on how to approach this topic with people from their same age.
5) There will a whole range of activities and methodologies to provide SRHR education and information. On the one hand the exercise of individual counseling or counseling through support groups will be offered. Both of these activities will take place in the 2nd floor of the CC and will be focused on answering to questions and enquiries on SRHR related topics. Cultural activities such as thematic movie screenings, plays, and monologues, musical shows among others will constitute other activities through which education and information will be provided. In addition to the above, special occasion public panels and lectures will be also periodically offered. Permanent educative games (virtual and printed) on SRHR and reading material will be available at the Café.
6) Yes. We expect to involve Profamilia’s young leaders in sexuality, sexual and reproductive rights in the operation of the C&S. Our vision is that most of the staff at the C&S will be young and passionate about providing accurate and relevant information/education on SRHR for adolescents and youth with a pleasure approach.

Human Centered Design Questions:
1) In Profamilia we also have among our policies a compromise to contribute to the reduction of social inequalities and to promote and protect the SRHR of the most vulnerable population in Colombia. Some of the services our organization provides are subsidized for those with most vulnerable backgrounds and we often seek for donors and sponsors in order to achieve this. In this particular case, it will be an interesting option to seek for a sponsor that could provide one type of free drink food product that will allow youth from all backgrounds to actively participate in the activities available at the café. Nevertheless, in order to make this initiative sustainable in a mid or long term, the profits from the products and services sales will be reinvested in making products and activities available for adolescents and youth from the most vulnerable communities and for Profamilia’s youth program in general.