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Yibing commented on Dueling Chefs TV Show

Hi Holly, here are some of our ideas for the refinement. The criteria for this competition would be "healthy""multicultural""creative""affordable". The goal is to bring the healthy concept to general public. We would like to hold the show in the public area, attract people to come watch and taste, also vote for their favorite dishes. The whole process will be recorded and put simutaneouly on TV and websites just like a LIVE show. Chefs would not neccessrily be real chefs, but from different careers with good healthy cooking ideas and skills. They might be from different cultures with different healthy concepts. In the competition, we would like to set a limited amount of money for each dish/each chef in order to make sure average family could afford a healthy meal like this. After the LIVE show, chefs will share their recipes and cooking steps in detail on the website, also a video to teach people how to cook. People who are interested on the event could come to our related website, "like" the dishes, comment on it and share it on other social medias like Facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. Also, for cooking fans, they could try the recipe and cook it, post their cooking products on the website, discuss about the problems they have or even the better refinement for the recipes. Some varieties of awards would be given to the recipe, for example, "Heathiest recipe""The most creative recipe""The most economical recipe" or "Recipe of the month". These are some of the refinement ideas now, feel free to give us more comments and ideas;)


Yibing commented on Dance After Dinner

Hi Rae! Thanks a lot for the idea! It's an exciting one. I just have a couple of questions about the idea. How long the dancing would be everyday? Is it really easy to follow? And would the dancing the same every day or we will have some diverse choices? What about the people who don't really like cooking or being in the kitchen but also wants to do have a little digest movement? Do you also want to include those people as your target users? And talking about shared event, what kind of form would it be to dance with other people? And also I'm curious about how to make people keep following the dance everyday and not being lazy, or maybe the sustainability of this app. But it's really a cool idea and I like it!