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Grant commented on Trust in Personal Managers

Hi Britton, I love the idea of giving older folks a money manager that gets to know them personally and tailor a plan to fit their needs. A lot of advisors already offer similar services, though. I was wondering, do you see, in the long term, a money manager exclusively helping one family? If so, how do you envision them balancing their assisting work with the "normal" part of their job? Will the long-term version of this service be paid? If not, how do you see a bank monetizing having to constantly devote a resource to one customer?


Grant commented on A mind map for financial planning

Hey Nikhil, I really love the idea of actually sitting folks down and having them take the time to visualize what the future looks like for them financially. I think it represents a great tactic for helping people of all ages to think more long-term than the next bill payment, which I can definitely see potentially lessen the impact of the issues you mentioned, especially sudden events. I was wondering, though, how do you see this service reaching the kind of people who don't even know to come in and ask for it? Many people, especially in their later years, tend to avoid financial institutions unless they have an immediate need, after all.


Grant commented on Friendly ATM

Hey Freddy! I love the personal touch that your idea brings to electronic banking, very clever! It's a touch more personal than what I was proposing with a web app, which may be a much better stepping stone in building trust in people who are not used to the idea of financial institutions not having a human face. I was wondering, and this is something I've been mulling over with my own idea as well, how would you consider staffing a service like this? Would you use IT professionals like yourself who happen to have experience in financial institutions, or would you opt for using experts in finance and training them to improve their technical skills?