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Oh ya ok, but still, i think there’s no other activity, workout, meditation, or games that could replace one’s need / hunger / cravings for a physical food.

Therefore, i think those activities are the secondary solution, but the primary purpose is still, to give alternative healthy food suggestion. So its about eating smart.

- - -
By the way, “Outsmart Cravings” sounds more like a tagline for me. Just like Waze's tagline, Outsmarting Traffic, Together.

Its a short description of what this app does, by the way i think it should be more like, "Outsmart your food cravings", it has to be more specific, because the word "craving" means "a powerful desire for something", so its pretty wide.

And for a name, we have to pay attention for syllables. The shorter in length, the better.

"Out-smart Cra-vings" has 4 syllables, whereas "Eat Smart" has only 2 syllables. Therefore, 2 is better, because an ideal brand name have 2 and maximum 3 syllables, if more than 3, it will automatically abbreviated by people to make pronunciation easier. Even some 3 syllables brand names are getting abbreviated too.

For Example:
2 syllables: Ap-ple, Goo-gle, Face-book, Sam-sung, Dis-ney, Ni-ke, In-tel, Wal-Mart, E-bay, Za-ra

3 syllables: Mic-ro-soft, To-yo-ta, O-ra-cle, Ve-ri-zon, A-ma-zon, A-di-das
Chev-ro-let = Chevy
Volks-wa-gen = VW
McDonalds = Mcd

4 syllables or more (will get abbreviated):
Co-ca-co-la = Coke
Ge-ne-ral E-lec-tric = GE
Lou-is Vui-tton = LV
Hew-lett-Pack-ard = HP

- - -
some source:

Totally agree with Allen, for the app name why not simplify it all the way down to just “Eat Smart”?

Because i think the word “engage” in itself is a bit less easily understood

by the way, our app is about food right? not about engangement haha

i know that what you meant is about engaging on an activity, but i think this is really about "A mobile App that outsmarts food cravings", this is the essence, the next few words are just the answer of the problem:

- recommending healthy-delicious food options
- and mind engaging activities
- and who knows what else

- - -
and also, the words ”eat right, engage smart” i think will not fit below any app icon, it will be truncated, or look something like “eat right, en…”

Swapna, this one is a pretty cool clickable prototype for reference:

- - -
also check this one out:
i don’t know but it may come in handy next time, know this from @tferriss from 4 hour chef book

here, we can find similar matches for a particular ingredient, and therefore create & taste new pairings

“Play with, which is based on the Volatile Compounds in Food (VCF) database. The objective is to start thinking about how to mix and match foods based on similar characteristics.

Don't have saffron? On their site, you'll learn that you can replace it with, oddly enough, tarragon. Ran out of sage? No problem; use rosemary instead. Both contain eucalyptol, so your dish should turn out similarly. Wondering what the hell will go with the leftover cucumber and grapes? Try the various cucumber soup recipes they have links to. Ran out of lemongrass, or don't want to bother buying it in the first place? Type it in and you'll learn that you can combine a little lemon peel, ginger, and basil to reconstruct the basic lemongrass flavor."

- - -
other sources:

Simple Herb Pairing Chart:

5 Tricks for Tasting Food Like a Master Chef

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