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Hi William. Thank you for your feedback and interest in this product. We agree that care should be taken while working with biogas. It is indeed flammable, however, it is the hydrogen sulfide in the biogas that is toxic and corrosive when present in high concentrations. Therefor we will install a hydrogen sulfide filter with every milk chiller. The filter will remove this contaminant, ensuring safe use. Biogas leakage risks are adressed by proper gas parts and a flame safety device that will automatically shut off the biogas flow in case the flame is blown out by wind for example.
We believe in product ownership; the farmer needs to be proud of his or her product, ensuring that it will be treated accordingly. Our experience is that even when the product is well taken care off, there are limits to what can be expected from the owner. For now we intend to offer service to every milk chiller we sell, even when we scale up. And we have an excellent local team to do that. 

The great thing about the absorption cooling technology that is applied to this product is that there are no moving parts. This technology has proven itself already for many decades, ensuring a durable and long lasting solution for these smallholder farmers.