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Ryan commented on Small Vertical Solar Units (SVSUs)

This is an interesting concept; creating modular, mass-produced units would be a great way to reduce the cost of solar panels and increase market penetration, however, how do you plan for that these poles would be any cheaper to produce/install than roof-mounted ones? Fairly sizeable arrays are required to fully power a home, and standing those vertically and having them track the sun would require nontrivial structure and motors. I'm not an expert in the field, but my understanding is that the biggest issue to widespread proliferation of solar power is the initial cost of the panels themselves, regardless of how they are arranged, so if these SVSUs (or some other means of drastically reducing the cost) could be found, it would be very valuable.

Well, I think that's the most difficult aspect of this project. Typically, it's been governments to subsidize the significant capital necessary to get renewable energy projects going, so that could be one possible customer segment. Another could be energy/environmentally conscious people that have money that they want to put toward this purpose.

This idea sounds cool. It sounds like you might be able to actually break it up into 2 bits:
-a "dashboard" component that is on a per-user basis, so that they can view their usage at different timescales and maybe compare to personal goals
-a "dynamic infographic" component that collates information from various users to show a community level. The user can then compare themselves to the community level distribution of energy usage. Maybe you can gamify it in order to further spur competition.