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Kaiying commented on The Cookbook

Hi Rana,

This is a fantastic project that you are pursuing and I think it can make a real impact on the prototypical education system in the United States. Too much of what teachers teach to students nowadays is taken straight from the textbook, and I think the Cookbook can make a serious impact in helping teachers stay up to date with the best material to give to their students. Collaboration is the key to forming the best ideas, and I think you have an executable strategy to promote collaboration.
I think that your concept would work best in a real-world classroom, but it would be interesting to see how you would pursue development of The Cookbook in a digital space as well.

Hi Sarah,

I love the ideas you have thus far and think that the target market you have is very much in need. I do have a question about why you chose to focus on a competency-based education, rather than a typical college education? I understand that maybe some part-time students who are older would benefit more from a competency-based education, but do you foresee PelotonU being accepted by employers as an actual degree?

On another note, I think it's wonderful that you care so much about a student's development and their progress. Have you considered instituting a badge/rewards system to motivate students who may not have as much intrinsic motivation?

Hi Danielle,

I think you've done some fantastic research for the context and have matched your objectives for mimir aptly. One of the most common arguments that I hear from younger people these days is that nothing they learn in high school is relevant, and that a lot of classes don't prepare people for the real world. Most of this is untrue, but I do think that mimir fills a huge void in teaching teenagers and young adults essential skills needed to manage their own finances.

I think the badge and rewards system go hand-in-hand in encouraging students to be active on mimir, but what kind of tasks would students be completing to make money? Would this platform be similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk in the way it allows students to complete simple or complex tasks for varying amounts of compensation? I'm just curious about how complex the tasks that a freshman in high school would be able to complete for compensation. I'm also wondering where you would receive the capital to hire financial experts.