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Lovely idea. I'm intrigued. I'm an instructional systems technologist who works in higher education with adult learners. My specific role includes assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of instruction, and I can think of a beautiful use case for your design that offers a measurable way to make a case for return on investment for an institutional subscription. AAC&U has created a series of VALUE rubrics that are intended to help colleges assess (and teach) empathy, interpersonal skills, communication, ethics, value for diverse perspectives, critical thinking etc. Many institutions struggle to teach this skills in relevant ways. I'd love to apply the VALUE rubric for Intercultural Knowledge and Competence to collect baseline students from data, have them interact through the platform you describe throughout a course or series of courses and then reapply the rubric to look for growth. This would give you some quantifiable evidence for the impact of the platform related to Intercultural Knowledge and Competence. Faculty also have a need to grow in this area. Many universities recognize that their faculties are not as diverse as they should be and they have initiatives to help faculty develop cultural responsiveness, but most efforts are somewhat contrived and artificial. Faculty could also benefit from the platform and activity. I can see it becoming a required professional development component for many employees.

I think I'd like to see the purpose tightened up a bit. In the elevator pitch it sounds a little broad. Why not focus on the development of global awareness, empathy, cultural responsiveness, gender equality, intercultural knowledge.... and then branch out from there if it seems appropriate.

Best of luck to you!